Automated course booking app

The client was a training course re-seller who wanted a faster way to receive bookings, email the delegate to collect their details, and then pass them on to the relevant course providers.
Previously, taking an order and passing the information on had been costing the client almost 100 man hours per week. When I was originally approached the brief was to try to shorten this process, however in the end I went with a fully automated process which cut the man hours down to 0.

Whilst gathering information on the booking process, I quickly found out that the information was being passed via email to the course providers, who would then create and confirm the booking. I knew I could automate this process via webhooks and a Rails Action Mailer.
I went back to the client and informed them that full automation was possible and would mean that nobody had a new system to learn. I was excitedly given the go-ahead.
The first step was to create a Shopify Application in Ruby on Rails which could receive and process an orders/create webhook. I then added custom line item properties to the course product template to collect the delegate information, such as their name, contact number, relevant authority numbers (e.g. CITB) and their acceptance of specific terms and conditions.
Now that all the required information was being passed to the application, I set up an Action Mailer to compile an email and send it to the relevant course provider.
This fully automated the process from the delegate selecting a course, up to the provider creating and confirming the booking. The regained man hours totalled over 4000 hours per year, or over £35,000 at minimum wage.