SYWorkwear Custom Shopify Theme

SYWorkwear needed their Shopify store redesigning as their current design wasn't mobile responsive. They also wanted everything to be customizable in the theme settings.

I started out by sketching some references. It doesn't look like much, but I find that it gives me an opportunity to explore ideas quickly, especially when the brief is so open ended.
Once I had some idea of the plan, i opened up Adobe XD and made a hi-fi wire-frame and submitted it for feedback.
Whilst discussing the redesign with them, we managed to nail down what was really required.

I went ahead and made those changes, and added on designs for the product, collection, blog, article, static page and cart templates, as well as a slide-in search box (see images).
Once the design was approved, I started with Theme Kit and implemented a blank version of the design onto their Shopify store, then I just had to add theme settings to every block.

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